Quality control

We care deeply about animal welfare and consumer safety

It is an undeniable and universal right of every animal to be treated well by humans. This is our motto, which we communicate to all our employees. Moreover, we are aware of the fact that the mental and physical state of the animals has a bearing on the quality of their meat, which is of pivotal importance when it comes to producing premium beef. This is why ensuring the welfare of animals is a key foundation for our company’s operations.

The plant has implemented the GHP/GMP good manufacturing and hygienic practices system, as well as the HACCP quality control system, which covers all production stages. Our organization has a team for food safety and animal welfare, whose task is to control compliance with quality procedures on an ongoing basis.

We are also a member of the German IFS (International Food Standard) organization. Its certificate guarantees high quality and ethical standards. Additionally, the production process is constantly monitored by state-appointed veterinarians, supervised by the District Veterinary Inspectorate in Minsk Mazowiecki.